Dr. Nadi Towfigh

Dr. Towfigh was born in Munich and studied psychology in Darmstadt and Heidelberg. She obtained her doctorate at Potsdam University after submitting her dissertation entitled “Value Education of Youth”.

Dr. Towfigh has gained a wealth of experience during her work in different European countries as a school counsellor and teacher. As part of her duties she not only coordinated the “virtues project” but also advised the school staff and the administration on diverse conceptual as well as educational themes. Because of her interest in group dynamics and team development, Dr. Towfigh participated in a “Moral Leadership” training course aimed at developing leadership skills and constructive team environments. During her tenure at the Potsdam University Dr. Towfigh has devoted several years towards training teachers and participated in multiple research projects devoted to cross-cultural psychology. Amongst other topics, her research has focused on the development of values in children and adolescents. Subsequently, she led the “Psychological Counselling Centre for Schools” in Berlin-Neukölln. Alongside these professional duties she has also completed a three year training course on early childhood support and intervention. Presently she is a freelance consultant and trainer with her own practice in Potsdam.

Dr. Towfigh’s practice provides both psychological and educational consultations for parents, children, schools, and day care centres. She offers diverse courses on psychological and educational themes, in addition to supervising teams and mediating between different groups dealing with challenging situations. She also conducts seminars for team development, communication and conflict resolution, as well as cross-cultural skills.